Monday, June 9, 2014

3 Months and 2 & 3/4 Years

*I'll add pictures tonight once I figure out how to get them off my new phone....I miss my iphone :)

I had grand plans of keeping up with monthly updates, which would have worked out perfectly for 2 months and 2 & 1/2 years for the boys.  Well life happens and we're still trying to figure out our routine around here, so here we are at 3 months and 2 &3/4 years.

Up first, the little guy....

Oh man Ollie is still one happy guy.  He wakes up smiling.  We're getting full out giggles and a lot of cooing and talking back at us.  He loves sticking out his tongue lately and chewing on everything.

He did roll over from his tummy to back for the first time today.

We think he is getting a tooth already.  He is a drool monster and slightly less happy than normal.  It is looking like the bottom left tooth is ready to cut through soon.

Size - still a big boy.  People ask how old he is and I follow up 3 months with 'he's just a big guy'.  He is in size 2 diapers and size 3-6 month and 6 month clothes.  It works out great since Zach was such a small guy and Oliver is such a big guy they should be able to wear a lot of the same clothes even though they were born in different seasons.

Stats - Not sure since we don't go back until 4 months for a check up, but at 3 months he was 14 pounds & 3 ounces, up an impressive 6+ pounds in 2 months.  He was 23 & 1/4" long, up just under 3" from birth.  His head is big, like his big brothers.  He was 90th + percentile for weight and head size, and 75+ for height.

He takes 5 bottles a day 5-6oz for 25-30oz of formula each day.  Luckily he does not have the stomach issues we faced with Zach and is on normal Similac Formula.

It is hard to tell what he really likes because he smiles at everything.  He likes tummy time ok, until he is over it and tries to eat the blanket or mat he is on.  He has little patience for books.  He is liking his bumbo seat and bouncer.

We usually get 1 long nap a day, timing depends on if Zach is home and how loud he is at that moment.  Night time sleeping has been great.  He sleeps 7-10 hours.  We swaddle him and go up for a final bottle in his room around  7:45pm and he is usually passed out cold in his crib by 8pm.  He gets up sometime between 3am and 6am usually.  We're getting more and more of the 6am and less 3 am wakings so that is awesome.

At his 2 month appt I mentioned he always looks right.  Turns out he had kinked neck muscles, probably from how he was in my belly and the starting of a flat spot since he was unable to turn his head all the way.  We've been turning his head and stretching out his neck muscles, as well as more tummy time and other things to hopefully help round out his flat spot.  We'll see how this pans out.  I freaked out, but Matt is ever the voice of reason and said if this is our biggest problem, we're very fortunate people.

Oliver has been such a blessing and a pretty easy baby so far.

On to the terror....I mean Zach.

Oh Zach, such a big boy these days.  Zach is all the way potty trained.  He even sleeps at night and at nap time with big boy undies.  We bribed him and it worked.  He likes to stand up and pee which is only a little gross and I clean the bathrooms a lot.  He also thinks it is acceptable to pee outside anywhere, like at daycare, outside on the playground.  We are getting good at catching him starting to pull down his pants and intercepting before he pees outside at inappropriate places.  With potty training his pooping issues have improved.  We still use miralax daily, but not nearly as much and could probably go without.

He calls me mom now instead of mommy.  I asked him why and he said that 'babies say mommy and big boys say mom'.  I may have cried a little.

He knows his ABC's, how to count to 20 with a little confusion between 16 and 20, he can count to 10 in spanish, and can almost spell his name.  He loves to have dance parties and play in the sand box.  He is such a smart little guy.  He can recite a few of his favorite books, and even some of his not so favorites.  I was surprised when they told me he recited Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What do you See? at school since we haven't read that one in awhile.

He was into Frozen for awhile, but is getting back into Thomas the Train hardcore again....I'm not super excited about this.

Zach is hilarious or super frustrating without much between.  He has decided the last week or 2 to give up nap time, which has been hard to me to accept.  We're working on a new plan around this no nap mentality.

His big thing lately is 'it's the same' and 'that sounds like a good idea'.  He'll ask for a popsicle for lunch and I'll tell him maybe after lunch, so his response is 'I have a popsicle before lunch and after lunch, it's the same mom!'.  Or 'let's play outside and have a popsicle, that sounds like a good idea!'

It is amazing what he picks up.  He has started asking us how our day was, which is super cute.

He is always always moving and talking.  If it is raining and we can't go outside he thinks I am torturing him.

He is hilarious and a joy to be around usually, but sees time out on a regular basis.

We've already decided Zach is going to be the fiesty smaller brother who counts on his easy going, giant little brother to back him up when his mouth gets him in trouble.