Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween!  Zach is dressing as a pirate and I'm dressing as an emotional pregnant woman.....ask me where my costume is today and I'm likely to start crying or throat punch you, who knows which way it will go.

We talked about trick or treating, and by talked about it I told Matt we were going and he rolled his eyes and asked if we were going for me or for Zach.  I responded with 'does it matter'....touche husband, got you there.  Lucky for him it is raining and gross out so we're skipping trick or treat while we still can.  Kid only wants smarties and I'll eat everything else, so it is probably good we're skipping.

I made Zach's costume this year.  It is something I remember my mom doing and feeling likes the bees knees since she is an awesome seamstress.  I couldn't wait to make our kids costume.  Enter Zach....he wants to  be a pirate since I told him his buddy Jake was being a pirate.  Easy enough, whip up a pirate costume with minimal amounts of swearing only to have him refuse to wear it.  Seriously kid.  I should have bought the $10 pirate kit and called it a day.  We got him a fake sword to bribe him to wear his costume.

The good news is I got him to put on his costume for school today.  He put it on and kept going 'pretty' which I wanted to be like 'I told you so' but that didn't seem very mature.  So I get to school this morning and he is the only one in his costume already.  Not only that but all the other kids have these elaborate full body suit costumes hanging in their cubbies.....daycare mom fail.  I justify it with the fact Zach would sweat his face off in one of those costumes inside and I'm sure his teach appreciated not having to shove him in his costume for their Halloween parade.

If he doesn't get smarties today he is going to be ticked.  If Matt eats all the reeces tonight I'm going to be ticked......Halloween, loved by fatties and kids everywhere.

Friday, October 25, 2013

TGIF and a Little Romance

It's almost the weekend, which usually means I do a lot of the same things I do during the week. The stay at home mom life is glamorous I tell ya & I often lose track of what day it is.

But this weekend we're having a much needed date night woo hoo! I believe Zach is even spending over with Nana so we can both sleep in....praise the lord.

Romance used to be candles and little love the sexiest thing Matt can do for me (& vice versa) is give me his sleep in day. I sleep in on Saturdays & Matt sleeps in on Sunday, it's a system that works for us and it's like winning the lottery getting an extra sleep in day.

My husband really is the best. He is such a romantic & I am not. I'll come home to flowers on a random Tuesday with a note on how proud he is of me & how much he appreciates me....I felt good because I got his coffee ready for him, fail Jessica. After taking care of Zach & the ever needy gimp dog all day, I'm left on empty. I muster up what I can for Matt, but it's usually nothing to brag about. I'm working on realizing doing the dishes & making dinner doesn't always count as romance.....not always, but sometimes :)

Romance changes over time & after kids you find it more in the little things day to day. Why yes it is hot that you emptied the dishwasher & took Zach to the man store* to give me 30 minutes of quiet, but I'm really excited to have an old fashioned, no kid, romantic date at a restaurant without crayons & a movie if we can stay awake long enough.

* I don't actually know what the man store is....I assume it's Home Depot & hope it's not some weird strip club.

Monday, October 21, 2013

Lets start over Monday

Today started with snotty toddler vomit.  The second round I caught with my hand....and it was worth it.  It was going to get on our new couch and I figured I would rather have a handful of vomit than a stinky, puke stained couch.

Once every one was settled and all medications passed out (JJ is still on more meds than a senior citizen) my first thought was, 'man I hope this is just drainage or something he ate so he can go to school tomorrow'.  I'm officially the worst stay at home mom ever.

To be fair, we are going on 10 days of post surgery needy dog and 1 week of ear infection toddler who gets up in the night and is crabby.  It has been a trying week and the puke was the icing on the cake.

But then I got to talk to an old friend and all about her 2 1/2 month old.  While I was chatting on the phone Zach climbed up in the chair with me, snuggled up, and let me rock him to sleep.  I sat there long after the conversation was over rocking and snuggling that little guy.  It has been a long time since he let me rock him like that.  Between that awesome feeling you get from  catching up with a friend and that awesome feeling of your toddler slowing down to rock with you, I was ready to take a deep breath and start over.

I'm not sure how long my patience will linger if JJ hits me with his cone again or Zach goes 'I hit mommy' one more time, but for now I'm starting over.  It may also be all the oatmeal cookies I ate instead of working out that put me back in my patient mom mode, who knows.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Cone of shame

We love our old 90 pound dog, even though I complain about him on a daily basis. Recently JJ had to have surgery. He had a mass removed from his leg and has to wear the dog cone of shame.

JJ is a big dog, so it makes sense that the cone he has to wear is giant. I hope you have never been be coned is to be run into with the big plastic cone and it hurts like the devil. It's like being involved in a drive by with dogs instead of gangsters. I'll be cooking dinner and get clipped in the knee. Or the best is riding in the car to the countless vet appointments that accompany a dog surgery and getting the cone to the face or ear.

Seriously JJ....

He has not hit Zach, but is not impressed with Zach's constant game of peek a boo. Yes, Zach thinks the cone is just JJ's way of playing with him. We have to check the cone for little cars & tractors since Zach is a giver & likes to drive them in the cone.

It's hard to be too mad since JJ looks so sad and pathetic. Hard, not impossible...

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Baby #2 update!

It seems like this pregnancy is flying by. I'm due on March 2 and almost 21 weeks along.

With Zach I never got sick....I also worked out everyday and ate super healthy....I hate the old me, you can too. As for this time, that is laughable. I had a lot of morning sickness until about week 14, then I wanted to eat everything to make up for lost time. Needless to say when you're tossing your cookies working out does not sound like a good idea. I'm active with Zach, but am now trying to get back into the swing of actual work outs.

I've gained 10 pounds so far. I gained 30 with Zach, so we'll see how this one goes. I've only gained 10 pounds, but somehow my boobs and butt continue to grow at a rapid pace. I was not prepared for the bigger booty.

I finally have a belly! I'm fairly sure this will be my last pregnancy so I was very anxious for the big pregnant belly. About 18 weeks I finally started showing and for whatever reason I'm super psyched about that.

We had our ultrasound but did not find the gender. We didn't find out with Zach and it was a pretty awesome surprise, so we'll wait again. I have no idea or feelings either way. I truly do not care either way. A girl would be nice to have one of each, but having a girl also terrifies me slightly. A boy would be nice, brothers and all that, but I shudder thinking about all the dirt and black eyes.

I'm doing the daily blood thinner injections again this time, and this is the main reason this will probably be my last pregnancy. All looks well with me and baby so we're just praying for a healthy few more months and delivery.

Oh yeah....and Zach still thinks we're just going to take a baby home with us from daycare. Maybe as my belly grows it will click for him.

....and I should probably put on make up or at least dry my hair if I'm going to post a picture of myself...

Wednesday, October 9, 2013


Today I started singing a song being silly. It's a song Zach sings and knows. He promptly informed me to "stop it mommy, stop it". Incase I was confused he made sure to follow up with "stop singing mommy".

While I'm impressed with his sentences and clear speech, I thought he wasn't supposed to realize I was a terrible singer until later in life?

My child is 2 and already embarrassed of me when I act silly in front of him and the dog. I can't wait to see how embarrassed he gets in high school when I'm actually trying to look stupid, not to be confused with my normal stupidity.

Monday, October 7, 2013


Long time no see...we've been busy with all things fall around here.

Most notably is going apple picking. There is a super cute apple orchard not far from where we live so we decided to try apple picking. It was a huge success. Zach (and daddy) loved playing hide and seek in the apple trees and running around. I loved the hot cider and apple spice donut.

Surprising everybody, Zach also rode on a pony. This may not seem like much of a feat to most, but considering Zach won't go near the fake horse at the grocery store let alone ride it, we were shocked. Zach just kept saying "I like pony...good pony". I was happy we didn't waste $3 and have to be the ones to stop the ride because our kid was scared of a pony....crisis averted.

Zach also got to ride a train thing. I was slightly nervous when the train pulled into the trees out of sight, but then remembered no one wants to steal 6 kids ages 2-6....that would be miserable.

This is the kind of activity you envision when you're pregnant. Generally these Kodak moments are cut short due to tantrums, nap times, or diaper disasters, but the gods were smiling down on us and it went just like I hoped and we can't wait to go again.