Sunday, March 6, 2016

My baby is 2

2, we meet again. My baby is 2.  My last baby is 2.  To make it worse, I keep typing 3 & Zach keeps telling me I don't have any more babies & I just need to like big boys now.

Oliver is your typical 2 year old maniac. He loves to jump, climb, throw, really anything possibly dangerous or destructive he thinks is hilarious.

He's still measuring as a gentle giant. We just moved up to 3T clothes. He is 32.2 pounds, so only 3 lbs behind his big brother.  His height slowed down (I imagine a growth spurt is coming) & he's 34" tall.

He is so happy. 95% of the time he is smiling & laughing.  And this guy, he smiles & laughs with him whole body. The other 5% of the time he's super angry; usually because he cannot have a donut or watch TV.

Ollie has a lot of single words. He will parrot words right back to you & randomly say things clear. He is just forming sentences.  He usually forms them when he's super mad, such as, "I wan Daddy!", "TB on pwease!!!!" Or "oh no, wha happen?!".   His new favorite phrase is, "Mama watch dis" as he jumps off the couch.  He's not much of a talker.  But to be fair, as the last baby & the little brother, he doesn't get much of a chance to talk.

He still loves to eat, but has gotten much more selective. He currently eats breakfast food 90% of the time. He loves, loves yogurt.  He will also eat guacamole.  Still drinking almond milk & gets some juice.

He is doing amazing with his glasses. He keeps them on & has only broken 2 pairs in 5 months. The eye doctor thinks there is a good chance Oliver will not need to wear glasses anymore by the time he's 9.  Thank the sweet lord.

He currently loves Mater & Thomas the train.

He really loves being outside, even in the snow & all sports balls.

Oliver has just started really playing with his brother. It's so sweet because now Ollie will miss him & get so excited yelling brother at preschool pick up. This lasts briefly before they push each other or fight over toys.

This little guy is a hilarious handful. He is ornery as the day is long, but brings so much laughter to all of us.