Saturday, February 20, 2016

This sums it up perfectly

So how is life with 2 little boys?  This conversation perfectly sums it up:

Zach goes to preschool at a church and all of the kids gather for a message from the pastor on Fridays.

Me: "What did the pastor talk about today?"

Zach: "Farts!"

Oliver makes a fart noise and both boys start losing their minds laughing.

To be 2 and 4 year old boys. It's a simple life really. We run and jump ALL THE TIME, have daily talks about appropriate jokes, still laugh at fart jokes, Paw Patrol or Dinotrux  (it's on Netflix, dinosaurs that are also trucks, I promise you never want your kids to know about this), and eat all the food all the time.

Generally, each boy wants to do a different combination of these things, which leads to trouble. Have no fear, everything is smoothed over with a cookie break or rough housing.

Zach literally asks, "Mom, can we please rough house now?" 

It's a smelly, wrestling, fart noise, kind of daily life. We have our melt downs, ok a lot of melt downs, and time outs, but mostly happy chaos.

I really thought I had more time until the wresting with each other, but I'll take this crazy boy life any day. Don't worry, I'm no saint.  Wine helps me find the humor in the 345 fart joke of the day.