Thursday, July 24, 2014

So we meet again Thomas

Oh, you think Thomas is a random clearly do not have small children. If someone brings up the name Thomas in conversation I assume they're talking about Thomas the Train...don't mind me if you talk about your coworker Thomas and I ask if you work at Sodor Steamworks.  I would then laugh like crazy at my lame toddler cartoon joke.

Ahem, anyway, Zach has clearly revived his love for Thomas the train. We had a brief window of time where he was into other things, but it was short lived, much to my dismay.

I thought tractors had taken the top spot in Zachs heart until we picked out new sheets for his new big boy twin bed. I should have just gotten what I wanted and not given him a choice because now it's going to look like Thomas the train threw up in his room.

Zach also refused to put the sheet set in the cart and instead carried it through the store. It doesn't seem like much, but that's bulky and heavy for an almost 3 year old. He just kept saying "I do it" and hugging them closer and making train noises.

But the cherry on top of this ridiculous trip is when I heard him whisper to the sheets he was carrying, "I love you Thomas".  Well dang it Thomas, I guess I love you too for making my big guy so happy.....I still think I may have a seizure from all the train patterns in his room.

This picture has nothing to do with his bed or Thomas the Train, it's just hilarious. You don't play in the sandbox in your undies?