Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Fist shaking

Zach is still indifferent to the new puppy but man he is getting sassier by the minute. We were sitting on the floor and I started picking up books or cars or something. This organizing was unacceptable to Zach so he pulled my hair so I would look at him (to be fair I had no idea he was talking to me & wanted me to look at him) then pointed his finger at me and said no mama, no, no.....all while looking me in the eye & shaking a finger at me. I was too shocked to respond so he scolded me and promptly walked away very proud of himself. I felt properly scolded. I almost put myself into timeout before I realized I'm the adult here. I better get a handle on this whole being in charge thing or I'm in for a world of hurt in the future....but really, how do you respond to a toddler fist shake. Where is the section on toddlers acting like teenagers in the parenting books?

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

New family member

Calm down its not another kid...

Puppy Maggie joined the family yesterday! We adopted her from the Toledo Animal Shelter & if you happen to be thinking about adopting a pet in the Toledo area go see them!

Overall it's going well. We've only had 2 f this dog should be wearing a diaper or I need to be less lazy incidents. Old bones JJ, our other dog, is worn out. Its a good thing JJ is so big because when he gets tired he just lays down and gives puppy a big paw to the face. And Zach is totally unfazed by the whole situation. Zach will stop and say hi to the puppy but that's it. Zach did indeed get in the kennel, lay down & told me night night....if only toddler beds were shaped like cages...or I could let Zach sleep in the kennel & no one would call CPS....

You know what is awesome? When a new puppy sleeps all night without a peep. You know what's not awesome? A toddler up at 1am wanting to party. Fail.

Maggie loves Matt best & I'm working on getting over it. I'm sure me making her go out every 30-60 minutes in this ice storm we're getting will really make her warm up to me.

Monday, February 25, 2013

Split personality

I think Zach may have a split personality...or we were just blessed with the terrible twos early. He can be so sweet and so so evil.

-Sweet...hugging Matt's leg as soon as he walks in the door.
-Evil...kicking me in the face to show his dislike of diaper changes.
-Sweet...smiling and saying hi to everyone. This kid is a flirt big time.
-Evil...hitting me in the face with books if I'm not reading them fast enough.
-Sweet...climbing on my lap so we can sit cheek to cheek & snuggle.
-Evil....limp noodle, throw yourself on the floor, screaming & kicking tantrums usually started because I won't let you just eat cookies.

Is anyone else noticing he is usual sweet to everyone but me....I guess he gets it honest. Somedays my heart is so filled with joy at being able to stay home I feel like its going to burst & other times I practically throw Zach in Matt's car as he pulls into the driveway and run be fair I usually have just been pummeled by books & may have suffered minor brain damage.

Friday, February 22, 2013

Antsy pants

I guess I did not realize how much we left the house until we were forced to stay home all week. Monday through Thursday Zach was fighting something off, just sick enough to make us concerned & Zach super crabby, but not quite bad enough to take him to the flu ridden doctors office. Thursday he is finally feeling better, thank goodness, we can leave this log cabin cage....cue winter weather. My hopes of escaping to our usual places were dashed and now I'm crawling the walls. We usually go to the library at least once a week, the y 3 times & then the random errands & grandparent visits. Zach is apparently a kid about town. I try to take him places with other kids to socialize & blow off some energy. When we stay home we both get antsy. Zach starts hitting me in the face with books more & I daydream about a trip to Target. Here's hoping tomorrow clears up before I read every tractor book we have for the 1,000,000th time & Zach forgets what other kids look like.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Car dreams

Nana has saved the day know nana, my mother, the one who has gotten exponentially smarter since I birthed my own child. She had 1 child already then proceeded with 3 children in 3 years and we all survived and she did not have to be committed to a mental hospital just to get a break from the fighting, poop & tears we produced so that qualifies her as a baby expert in my eyes....runner up expert is my sister in law who had 2 kids in less than 18 months, worked the night shift, I assumed she never slept and still managed to not stab her husband for looking at her wrong. She is a saint who bakes like Betty Crocker.


Nana scoured Craigslist and found a toddler bed shaped like a car that includes a wheel shaped toy box, tool box dresser thing & lightening McQueen bedding...that's right, Zach's current obsession. Matt & I were hesitant on the whole big kid bed thing and told her not to do it, that and I'm like a little old lady and am sure you'll get murdered if you try to buy anything off of Craigslist. So me & Matt are adamant that Zach won't sleep in it blah blah blah. Low and behold nana was right and we were wrong....again....while we were visiting close to nap time Zach asked to go night night, got in the bed and proceeded to nap for 2 hours. It still hurts at 28 to concede to your mother that she was right and you were wrong. Every time Zach kisses Mater on the sheets he rubs salt in my wounds of my mom being right.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Lent already!?

Time truly flies man oh man. It's lent time again, which means time to figure out what to give up that is a challenge, but Matt is on board with. I initially wanted to give up meat. Matt said he didn't care, but he would make his own dinners with meat each night....which means lots of burgers, ramen & grilled cheese. Don't get me wrong, Matt is an amazing cook, but is popped after work & would rather be playing with Zach. I'll work on Matt all year to get him to give up meat with me next year. I've ultimately decided giving up Facebook & pinterest when I'm around anyone else who is awake. With both options on my phone I spend way too much time checking in with random people instead of checking in with those I'm with. I'm not totally giving it up because nap time can get boring when you're trying to stay quiet & truth be told it gets lonely somedays not seeing or talking to another adult all day. So as sad as it sounds, it's nice to check in on Facebook & leaves messages.

Here's to 6 weeks of actually watching Thomas the Train when Zach wants to cuddle....I will definitely need some divine intervention.

Thursday, February 7, 2013


These pictures seem to showcase Zach's personality. He is a wild ornery boy that keeps us laughing and always on our toes. Just yesterday he straight up head butted me. It was hard enough my head hit the wall behind it and hurt bad....Zach, he just shook his head and kept jumping around. In his defense I believe Zach was trying to give me a kiss, but lesson learned, maybe we shouldn't dive in for the kiss. Currently I think Zach is taunting me from his bed. He should be napping but it sounds like he just keeps saying 'ha ha mama' with fart noises thrown in for good measure. He is essentially giving me and nap time the middle finger. Me & Matt just have to shake our heads and laugh....although I did ask my mom why there aren't any shaken toddler commercials and warnings?

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Bronze medal

Taking a toddler shopping should qualify as an Olympic sport. The amount of stress, sweat and crackers it took us to get through 2 stores (right next to each other) is slightly embarrassing. I would have only qualified for the bronze after points were deducted each time Zach cried, threw something on the floor, or tried to put a hanger in his mouth. The woman at Old Navy felt so bad for me she gave him a balloon...which he promptly tried to bite and destroyed in 30 seconds. This whole let's not dress like a hobo in 2013 project is way over rated.

It's hard to believe a face so sweet can be so cranky....

Monday, February 4, 2013

Put your skates on

Put your skates on, hell has frozen over.  I am doing something that I said I would never ever do.....I'm hosting a Stella & Dot trunk show.  I have been forced to go to many home parties, including Stella & Dot months ago.  I generally hate the home party circuit, but my love for all sparkly pretty things and my penny pinching ways (half of the line is under $50) has outweighed my hate and when told I could do it online I was sold.....because home parties, 'ain't nobody have time for that'.  The only good thing about those parties were they usually gave you wine, so if you feel slighted feel free to come over and I'll give you the finest glass from the box in my fridge.

Stella & Dot is jewelry for those who have never heard of the company.  I have a few pieces and I love them.  I think I loved the packaging almost as much as the jewelry I came in this cute, colorful box....even Matt was impressed.  The information and website link is below.  Check it out and if you have questions Kate's information is on there, she is the expert, unless of course you want my answer of 'uhhh it's pretty'.

Link to show:

RedStamp Postcard