Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Welcome to the world Oliver!

Oliver Allen McClure was born on Monday, February 24 at 5:37am. He weighed in at 7 pounds and 11 ounces and 20.5 inches long.

Mom and baby are doing great and will get to head home tomorrow.

Everyone is already smitten with the little guy, including big brother Zach.

Monday, February 17, 2014

Cleaning melt down

Today Zach threw a fit because he wanted to clean the toilets. And then he was upset I made him wash his hands. And finally I may have freaked out when he tried to touch the toilet brush to his face.

It has been a weird day.

I also bought dill pickle potato chips, which is super weird for me....I never buy chips and rarely crave them. I blame it on the 38.5 weeks of pregnant belly. I have officially given up. Bring on all the junk food for the next week until this baby comes.

P.S. the chips are pretty good. They're like salt and vinegar chips without the vinegar.

So pregnant...and they sell make up for a reason, I should use it more often...

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Happy Valentines Day!

Usually we do not do anything for Valentines day. We make each other cards like the children we are.

This year Zach and I made cookies for daddy and some other family in the area. About 5 seconds into decorating cookies Zach dropped the sprinkle shaker and I decided I may not have the patience to do valentines crafts with a 2 year old. We started moving at warp speed. Zach got to decorate and we got finished in enough time that I got to keep a shred of my sanity for the rest of the day.

Matt also brought me home flowers. I was shocked. He's pretty awesome with the random surprises but we have a strict no valentines day policy. I figured it was because he's been working so many hours and missing me. At which point a less honest man would agree, "yes dear, that's exactly right". Oh but Matt is honest Abe and pointed out I made a big deal of not getting a card last year.....which was not correct....

I made a big deal of not getting a mothers day card. I'll happily take the flowers and you better believe I'll be pissy again if I don't get anything for mothers day since I'm a brat....and ready to push another kid out any day now.

Whatever the reason I'll take it & display my flowers proudly. I like that I complained about 1 holiday & will forever more get stuff for every small holiday. I think I won out on this & do have a pretty fantastic husband.

Monday, February 10, 2014

Full Term

I am 37 weeks so baby can come anytime! This has easily been the fastest 37 weeks of my life. Zach keeps telling me 'baby sister coming soon'. I keep telling him 'baby boy or girl can hang out where they are at for a few more weeks'. We're excited to meet the new little one, but know its going to be crazy so I'm not in a hurry and just enjoying these last few weeks.

The end of pregnancy fatigue has set in and it's often family nap time instead of just Zach's nap time. I also didn't realize how little I've been cooking until I was making dinner yesterday and Zach told me 'thank you for making dinner mommy'. It was super sweet and maybe even encouraged me to cook more and not just eat Cheerios.

Zach still wants to name baby excavator, but has added on to it...baby excavator truck tractor. I've decided at the final hour I don't like the girl name we picked out...Matt was really impressed.

It's been pretty low key around here. We just keep getting tons of snow, Matt is working crazy hours, and preparing for baby....and of course Zach has decided farts are the funniest thing ever...boys...