Thursday, September 18, 2014

3 years old

My baby is 3.  And now I understand why my sister in law cries every year when her kids blow out their birthday candles.  I took turning 30 in stride (probably because I was drinking on the beaches of Mexico), but somehow my little guy turning preschool age has me all sorts of emotional.  Becoming a mom has made me weird, well weirder than I was.

Oh Zach. He is all boy. If there is dirt to dig or rocks to explore he will find it. His favorite things to do are go to the library and go hiking....this will be an interesting combination through the years I'm sure.  He asks almost everyday if it is time to harvest. Farming and tractors may always be his first love.

Currently trains, specifically Thomas the Train, are the bees knees. We have trains everywhere. Train bedding on his big boy twin bed, train movies, train toys, and as a special birthday surprise from Nana & Papa, we got to ride the real Thomas. 

The kid is hilarious. He never stops talking and has some gems come out if that loud mouth. He likes to ask (with a giant ornery smile), "Are you tricking me?!".  We have been also getting, "hey mommy/daddy.....I love you."  He lik3s to talk to strangers in restaurants.   He will just turn around and start yelling, 'hi, I'm zach, I'm eating pizza".  His favorite phrase is, "Oliver, you're ok buddy, I love you!", whenever Oliver cries.

Zach loves Oliver so hard.....literally,  so hard. There are some full contact hugs & kisses I have to supervise.  These brothers light up each others world. I know it won't always be like that, so I'm trying to savor it now.

He just got to move up to preschool at daycare. He still goes 2 days a week currently. He is smart.  He knows his shapes, colors, most letters & numbers, how to spell his name & normal 3 year old stuff. He already cries to go to school on the big bus like his niece & nephew. 

Turns out Zach grew a few inches over the summer & all of his pants are too short. He is in 3T shirts & 2T/3T pants. He is a skinny guy still, but getting better about trying foods. He tried broccoli the other day & the face he made, one would think we fed him dog poop covered in burnt hair. His favorite food is pizza.

3 has come with some attitude. 2 had its tantrums, but he was generally a lovey, happy guy. I saw someone else refer to their kid as a 'threenager' & I couldn't agree more. I get way more sass, eye rolls, and fights now.....those with real teenagers feel free to laugh at me & how much worse it's going to get.

Even with the new attitude,  I'm loving this age. His independence is growing, but he still will hold my hand & snuggle up. We have real talks about school & everything else. He does not forget or miss anything, I have to watch what I say always. We love this little spitfire so much & cannot believe it has been 3 years since he made us way more than we thought we could be, mommy & daddy. 

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Zach loves the ladies

It's already mildly disturbing that Zach gravitates toward older girls. It never fails.  We'll pick him up from school and he'll be with 2 or 3 older girls.

Then he told us he wanted to dress as Izzy,  the girl pirate from a cartoon,  for Halloween.

I raised my eyebrows, but I'm all about not conforming and all that hippy goodness, so sure.  I asked him here and there over the next 2 days and sure enough he stuck with Izzy the pirate.

Finally I asked him why he wanted to be Izzy instead of Jake or Buddy?

"Because I really like girls mom"

I'm going to need Xanax when this kid hits high school.