Monday, December 29, 2014

10 months old

Hi, remember me?  Remember when I was confident & all, '2 kids, I got this'.....hahahaha.....feel free to join in laughing. 

I'm back, finally, to give this blog neglected second child an update. I seriously have no idea how my mom has any pictures of my little brother, the 4th child, in a time without camera phones.

Ok, Oliver.

10 months old & still growing at an alarming pace. His weight is 22 lbs and height was 30" last month at his checkup.  He dropped to 87% for weight & jumped to 97% for height.

We just transitioned to 18 month clothes & he's been in size 4 diapers for sometime.

This last month has been big on moving milestones. He crawls, pulls himself up, cruises furniture, jumps in his crib, and now stands for a few seconds on his own. His first steps aren't far behind.

He is still the happiest baby ever. He's all smiles & laughs, unless he's hungry.

He eats everything....except baby food from a spoon. He'll still take pouches of food, but mostly eats finger foods.  He likes all food. He has 3 meals & 1 snack.  He still takes 2 bottles & formula in a sipppy cup at breakfast. He also drinks water.

He is a terrible sleeper.  You can't have it all.  He's an excellent day napper & a terrible night sleeper.  He's been getting up for an hour or 2 at night. He gets super excited & wants to play at 2am.  He sleeps through the night just enough to know he can, he just chooses not to. 

Chomper has 3 teeth.  2 bottom & 1 i tooth on the top.  It looks like the other i tooth is coming in, so he'll look like vampire baby in no time.

The only thing he loves more than eating is his brother.  He now wants whatever toy Zach is playing with. He wants to be touching Zach at all times....this, as you can imagine, is a problem for the 3 year old. 

Ollie is just a cute happy guy. His hair keeps coming in blonder & his eyes keep getting bluer. 

He waves (usually 2 minutes too late), claps his hands, loves to pretend cough, & says mama, Dada & what sounds like hi.  He signs more, but we're pretty sure he has no idea what it means still. 

We're blessed beyond belief with these little guys....even if they give me all the gray hairs.