Thursday, March 26, 2015

Another baby, another poop story

Oliver finally gets his very own poop post. 
Oh Oliver.  He looks so sweet, but he is so ornery. I was finishing up giving both boys a bath and needed to grab a diaper.  Oliver was out of the bath, lotioned up, pulling everything out of the drawers.  Zach was playing toys in the draining tub. 'Oliver will be fine without a diaper for a few minutes'.....stupid, stupid, stupid.

The diaper I needed was literally 4 steps away, around the corner, in Oliver's room.  I was out of the bathroom possibly 35 seconds.  Maybe add an extra 4 seconds to close then reopen the bathroom door.  Clearly I closed the door so no baby could escape down the hall and pee.

I walk back into the bathroom and there is a pile of poo in the middle of the floor.  Zach and Oliver appear to be in the excat same spot as when I left the room....35 seconds earlier.....

It looked like a big dog snuck into our bathroom to have an incident on the floor.

I just started laughing. What else can you do?  I say, "Zach did you see Oliver poop on the floor?".  Zach finally notices the mess and starts laughing hysterically.  I'm not quite sure how Zach missed the whole event in a small bathroom.

I was just happy nobody had stepped in it or made a bigger mess. 

Never, ever, ever, does it go well letting a baby run naked in the house.