Thursday, September 27, 2012

First Love

Zach has met his first love. It is blue. Blue bunny is a stuffed animal and Zach's BFF. He used to only sleep with bunny, but now he'll go up to the crib and try to pull it out. Bunny must be with us at almost all times. His cousins picked it out for him before he was born at a polish festival so it seems fitting. Should I be concerned he likes to lay on top of bunny? This is future Jessica's problem, but his dad was nicknamed cuddles...lord help me.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

First steps

This last week Zach took his first unassisted step. Matt saw him take a step or two to go from one toy to another and my mom saw him take a step at her house. I have yet to see him take a step. I spend 98% of my waking hours with the boy and no sightings yet. I feel like its big foot....people swear they've seen it and believe, but until I see it for myself I'm a non believer. I am glad Matt got to see it first since I know it's hard for him to leave us every morning. I'll let you know when I spot big foot, but for now he's still little bear who just stands and plays and has yet to walk. I was anxious for crawling, but I'm perfectly happy to wait for walking....I can barely keep up with crawling.

And of course a picture since Matt checks the blog at work when he misses us and had made it well known that posts are way better with pictures.

Zach doesn't run around yet, but apparently he drives...

Monday, September 24, 2012


Zach is apparently a big time baller with his slam dunks. He got a mini sports thing and loves it. He sits in front of it making baskets for far longer than I would have imagined possible...probably because it has a fake crowd that claps for you and little man loves clapping and attention. Matt and I have also had a free throw contest (he won) and decided you could make a drinking game out of this awesome little sports complex. Why yes, Matt and I do play with Zach's toys.

Zach also loves his stand up music/language toy....weren't all of our toys made of wood? All Zach's toys talk and sing to him and teach him Spanish and Jessica was just lazy with her baby dolls.

He loves all his new toys and it is truly amazing how long they will keep him occupied. Thank you again to our amazing families!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

12 months

1 year still seems crazy.  I'll never forget the nurse telling me at the hospital that it will be long days and short year, truer words have never been spoken.

-Not sure on height and weight, we have our doctors appointment later in the month.

- Size 3 diapers but going strong with cloth.  We took a hiatus from cloth diapers for a bit when he got diaper rash since you're not supposed to use creams with the cloth diapers.  Turns out the disposable diapers gave him way worse of a rash so we are all cloth all the time again (even at night with only 1 pee through incident).

- 12 month clothes....they are starting to get tight, we'll be making the shift to 18 month clothes soon I'm sure.

- Size 5 shoes.  He has weird fat feet so it's hard to find shoes that fit.  They are especially long or wide but they are tall.  They are essentially bricks.

- Napping is going well.  We still have 2 nap times, one at 9am and one at 1pm.  He sleeps at least an hour at each naptime.

- Sleeping through the night again with very few incidents.  Usually goes down between 7pm and 8pm and sleeps until 6/6:30am.

- We joined the y and he is loving the kids zone.  He likes all the toys and other kids.  I think it has been good for him to play with other kids his age.

- Talking up a storm still.....we hear no the most.  But we also get, car, ball, mama, dada, hi, bye bye, dog....I'm sure there are a few more, but I can't keep up with this guy.

- He also likes making animal noises.  He has cat, dog, cow and snake down.  He will sometimes do monkey.

- Still crawling around like a crazy man.  He will stand on his own more and more.  I don't think walking is too far in our future.  I was anxious for crawling, I am happy to wait for walking.

- He gives kisses now.  Gross, open mouth kisses but they are sweet.  I got my first real hug.  If you ask him for a big squeeze he usually just touches his cheek to yours, but once (and only 1 time ever) he gave me a big hug with his arms around my about melt my heart.

- His favorite toy is this big car thing he likes to push around, but he got a ton of new toys for his birthday so I'm sure we'll have a new favorite soon.

- Climbing the stairs is also hours of entertainment.

- In love with the front bike seat....both us and Zach.

- Will eat anything except eggs or cottage cheese.  He has cut back on his afternoon bottle and now takes that one in a sippy cup with a snack.

There is so much more it's going way too fast!

A few pictures from his party.  He didn't go crazy with the cake, he was much more interested in getting everyone to clap for him....such a ham.

Why are you all staring at me...

...clap and cheer my minions...

Cake, icing, and attention overload.  

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Happy Birthday Baby Boy!

It's 8pm on Sunday, September 16th, 2012.  At this time last year we were heading to the hospital to welcome our son into the world.....yes, we were driving to the hospital at 8pm and squeaked Zach in at 11:59pm that same night.  Our world has not been the same since that night.  It was love at first sight and Zach has filled our life with so much joy this past year.  We love to watch him grow and learn.  I can't believe our baby boy is 1 year old.  We love you more and more each day.


Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Mother of the year....yes, again already

I may soon have the honor of winning mother of the year multiple times in one month and countless times in one year.

Yesterday we were out and about longer than anticipated and Zach got cranky around 3. Well duh, it's bottle time at 3. I look, no bottle in the diaper bag. No biggie, we give the afternoon bottle in a sippy cup often. Look again, no formula....awesome....I forgot about his afternoon bottle and packed nothing for it. Luckily we're to a point he was ok with just having water and a snack, but really how do I forget a bottle and formula?!

This is it....I'm really losing my mind these days....

Thursday, September 6, 2012


Zach loves cruising. The only thing he loves more is racing....the kid has no fear which is only slightly alarming.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Special Gift

I received a special gift for my birthday this year....poison ivy....on my face and rapidly spreading. I am allergic to benedryl and sensitive to the ivy so it's a crappy combo. Luckily I caught the signs early and have been on steroids to help. I'm happy to report my face isn't nearly as frightening.

And that sweet baby that is always on the go and never wants to cuddle.....well, he's getting more teeth and just wants to snuggle....which I can't do in fear or rubbing him with the poison.

It's been a weird week entertaining Zach with pictures of himself, clearly we're teaching only the best table manners...

Saturday, September 1, 2012

28 thank you mom

Yesterday I became one day closer to 30. My first birthday as a mother and I must say it changes the perspective a little bit. So for my birthday I wanted to write a note to my mom....

Dear Mom,

From now on I promise not to roll my eyes when you call me super early to say happy birthday and then again multiple times to say "I was heading to the hospital now", "I was getting wheeled back now", etc. On the same theme I promise to actually listen when you tell me my birth story every year. It was hard, complicated and messy, but you risked it all to have me even though I was literally a butt face (I was breach & they kept thinking my butt was my head & I was going to be huge). You still get a few tears and want to find the perfect present....this again got you some eye rolls, but I get it. Whether it is a Barbie or a pedicure you know me and just what to get even though your baby is grown, which is unbelievable. Thank you and I'm sorry I give you a hard time. You are allowed to laugh at me when I call you on Zach's 30th birthday to cry and tell his birth story since I know he will just roll his eyes at me.