Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Getting classy

Today is a pretty awesome day. We are getting wifi again and I have a date classy today.

It's easy to assume everyone has wifi, I mean why would you not?! Well, when you rent a cabin in the middle of nowhere when you're building your dream home, beggars can't be choosers. We were rural enough we could not get a single wifi signal....yes, we're that country. It has been almost 3 years and I'm super excited to be reunited with technology and not have to walk to my parents to steal their wifi. Rural life problems.

And I have a date tonight with my husband. A date that doesn't involve picking light fixtures or paint colors....this hasn't happened in quite some time.

Best hump day ever. Maybe with my new Internet access I won't write every blog post on my phone and they'll actually look nice and have pictures throughout and not just at the bottom....maybe...

Monday, July 29, 2013

Sleepy boy

It's safe to say with all the moving, organizing, cleaning, and worrying that comes with moving we're all pooped.

Matt and I have been stressing over getting things together and making sure Zach acclimates to the new place. It turns out Zach loves the house and transitioned seamlessly, but a new issue arose.....

Zach is exhausted from running around all this new found space, including going up and down the stairs 100 times a day. We didn't realize the extra running was taking a toll until he fell asleep in his wagon while on a walk. Yup. I look back and he is bobbing and weaving like Muhammad Ali. At first I thought he was just dancing around, but realized his eyes were closed and heard snoring. I was worried his big 'ole head was going to tip him out of the wagon so I carried him back to the house to put him down....he did not wake up during any part of this transition. I also realized when I was carrying him back he is getting big and I'm not so sad he'd rather walk these days than be carried.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Morning stroke

I've been MIA for the week, but with good reason....we moved! Did I mention we were building our dream house for the last 7 months? No? Well, we were and it's finally done and we're all moved in!

Zach is taking to the new house wonderfully. He loves all the space and running around and he really loves his room and race car bed.

Zach is adjusting fine, me and Matt are apparently struggling. I locked myself out this morning....while Zach was inside...with no phone or shoes (I was luckily wearing pants and a bra). We live in the country so when I say neighbor, they are a good half mile away. Luckily our neighbors are my parents and there were keys left in one of the vehicles. After trying countless ways to break in I knew I would have to drive like hell to my parents for help, or at the very least a phone to call for help.

I think I had 5 strokes in the 5 minutes it took me to drive over, run in, give my parents a heart attack, and drive back. Much to my surprise Zach was a great listener and was sitting in the same spot by the back sliding door when I returned. And random new house fact, an almost 2 year old is not tall enough to unlock any of the doors.

My dad saved the day by busting in the back door. It was straight out of a movie. He is pretty much Donnie Wahlburg in the show Blue've probably never seen it since its on Friday nights and most people are not at home like us party animals...but trust me he is pretty bad ass.

Everyone was fine, we just have some door repairs to attend to. Matt also slipped in the attic and cracked the drywall in the ceiling. At this rate we're just going to invite people over to throw hammers at the walls.

I'm trying to slow my heart rate with a greasy Starbucks breakfast sandwich and sugar coffee....if this doesn't work I'm turning to the bloody Mary's.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Play doh confusion

Another classic Zach conversation for the day....

Nana was playing with Zach and they were playing with play doh. Nana had black play doh and made a snake.

Nana "Zach, a snake"

Zach "No Nana, dog poop"

At least he knows what it looks like. The real question is does he seek it out or avoid it?

Thursday, July 11, 2013


Me: "I love you Zach"

Zach: "I love JJ, Maggie"

JJ and Maggie are our dogs. Just another heart breaking day as a mother ha!

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Rain, rain go away...

It has rained here everyday for at least 2 weeks. Annoying as a normal person traveling to and from work, seriously terrible as a stay at home mom.

It is pretty clear Zach would like to live outside. We're usually outside by 8am and if we're not he's crying at the door to go out. He views the house as his jail. Now he stands at the door crying 'raining mommy, I want out'....yes my sweet child I want out too and have been getting down right angry at the poor weatherman.

I have found I'm much better at entertaining the crazy toddler outside...we play in the dirt, go on bike rides, look at tractors, you name it. You stick me inside for a week and I'm losing it. Why no I don't want to play trains or cars for the millionth time this week with one crabby man. Notice Noah didn't take any children on his man.

Please pray for sun before Zach and I both lose it and our house forever smells of wet dog and desperation. We miss outside...

Monday, July 8, 2013

Cookouts and leftovers

Over the long holiday weekend we had a cookout just about everyday. Zach loves being outside so I figured he would be in heaven, and he was. He was a dirty kid all weekend. A bath every night did ensured he slept clean, but each day brought a new pile of dirt to explore....boys, ugh.

The best part of all the cook outs is my family is made up of fabulous cooks. It clearly skipped me. Seeing how my family knows how much I hate cooking they all send me home with food. I'm eating better this week with left overs than we do any other time.

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Firework fail

Happy 4th of July!

In celebration we took Zach to see fireworks. I was not optimistic when he woke up super early and was crabby all evening leading up to the big event. After a melt down on the way to our spot, and me debating turning around several times, things started to look up.

We met my brothers family and Zach was like a new kid. He was so happy to see my niece and nephew he laughed and was like they were little priests who exercised the demon out of him.

I was still ready to run to my car at the signs of a melt down and never thought we would actually make it until the fireworks started. Zach hung in there like a champ and snuggled up with my sister in law (I'm so chopped liver when he's with my brothers fam) for the start if the show.

We made it all of 4 minutes maybe. He started out ok, then he started to whimper, then cry. I snatched him up and he goes 'scared mommy' in his tiny little toddler voice. I felt like mom of the year for sure, so we hauled it out of there to come home. On the way it was determined he liked the colors, but the loud noise scared him.

We played for 2 hours and saw a whole 4 minutes of fireworks....maybe next year will be better?