Thursday, May 3, 2012


Life is still crazy around here.  After tonight the greenhouses won't be quite so intense since all the plants will be planted and laid out.  On to plant care and loading.....which will be tricky in its own way.  I would like to say I'm well adjusted and thriving to this whole working all the time thing, but I still have days when I get home and Zach is already asleep and I'm a big baby.

I'm going to hopefully start getting home a little earlier just in time for Matt to get home later.  He starts his shut down this week.

Matt working 6 days a week, me working 7 days a week.....this could be a very interesting month.  Hopefully our schedules will line up and all 3 of us will get to spend some time together.  That is the plan at least.

Zach is Zach.  Still ornery as ever.  He likes to make pig noises and loves to be outside.

Things are chaotic but before you know it greenhouse season and shut down will be over and we won't know what to do with all of the time on our hands.  Until then friends and family, we miss you and love you and hope to see you in June :)

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