Thursday, March 20, 2014

First outing

I finally braved the outside world with both kids in tow last week. Our exciting adventure? The grocery store. It is only a few minutes from our house and if it started to go horribly wrong I figured I could just abandon my cart and get out of there. And if the gods were smiling down on me, I wouldn't even see anyone I knew.

I planned for this outing like one would plan for a battle. I went over scenarios, like if Oliver poops I think I can manage to keep Zach from running away and get the diaper changed. Most scenarios ended with me leaving the store. I had low expectations.

I wore Oliver in my hipster Boba baby carrier so Zach could ride in the cart. It was going great. Ollie slept the entire time and Zach talked to everyone at the store per usual.

We are checking out and it's a bit awkward with a baby strapped to the front of me. I struggle getting some stuff out of the cart, then the mom behind me steps up and says 'let me help you' and proceeds to help put my items on the belt.

Super nice lady. Super embarrassing since I only have cheese and a case of beer left in my cart. Yes, some stranger made sure I didn't leave the store without my beer.

I laugh awkwardly and say thank you for getting my beer....which just makes things worse since Zach then keeps saying 'beer, mmmm, beer, yum'.

The woman was an angel on earth and told me 'you need that, I have 4 kids the other 3 are at school....these ages are tough'. Then I kissed her and we both had a beer in Meijer to celebrate surviving being a mom....ok not really but that would be awesome. Really I just kept saying thank you and high tailed my alcoholic butt out of there.

First outing....we'll count that as a success.

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  1. You so make me laugh! YOU are doing a great job and I am very PROUD of you.