Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Life with 2

Why hello there.  My husband kindly pointed out I had not blogged in quite some time.  I kindly pointed out I was the one getting up with the baby in the night for the last 3 months and I would start blogging again when I'm not so f'ing tired all the time.....I didn't really say that.  He was super nice to me mothers day weekend and always, so I just said 'you're right'.

The one and only time Zach has asked to hold Oliver

The night he pointed out my blog vacation Oliver slept 8 hours.  Ok, I guess I can do this now that I know I have had enough sleep to form actual sentences.

Life with 2 kids has been a bit of a whirlwind.  Matt has been on extended work hours the entire time, so that has been interesting.  He actually started long hours about a month before Ollie was born and is just now wrapping them up....when Oliver is going to start sleeping through the night.....perfect timing.

In some ways it has been easier this time around.  One, this is a freaking happy baby.  Zach was a very trying, unhappy, baby with chronic stomach issues.  Oliver has no such issues and only cries when he has to burp or is hungry.  He is a chill baby, maybe because I'm more relaxed, but probably because his whole attitude is happy.  We already say Zach is going to be the crazy one with a mouth on him and Ollie is going to be the big quiet one who smiles a lot and backs his brother up when that mouth gets him in trouble.

I think we're starving this baby to death.....
It is easier this time because I know everything is a phase.  I know how fast it goes.  Sometimes it makes me sad my newborn has already been replaced by an infant so quickly, and other times it is my lifeline.....like when Oliver was getting up multiple times each night I would chant 'it goes fast, relax, enjoy, it's just a phase'.

It has been harder having 2 little men who always need something.  Especially since 1 is a crazy toddler who never stops moving or talking.

Such a little dude

There is at least one point in each day where both boys are crying at the same time.  Multiple times a day one is crying and will have to continue to cry for a minute or 2 while I wrap up what I'm doing.  That has been the hardest.  Someone always needs something and when those needs over lap I have to pick the most pressing to attend to first.  I'm always feeling guilty or like I'm failing one or both of them.

One day the only way either would sleep is if they were touching me....I was sweating like crazy 

It has been crazy, but these boys keep me on my toes.  I'm loving having these 2 boys and wouldn't trade a sleepless night.  Most days I function solely on caffeine, toddler hugs, and baby snuggles.  I usually look like a hot mess and am not nearly as productive as I once was.  If I have spit up on me please don't tell me.  Chances are I'm not going to change my clothes anyway.

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