Sunday, July 17, 2011

30 included

Alright, finally found the camera chord.  Let me preface this with me and Matt seem to be horrible baby bump photographers.  But beggers can't be choosers and here are a few pictures of how much larger my belly has gotten over the last few weeks...

30 weeks...picture taken in the bathroom...dark, but the best of the bunch

I got distracted during our failed baby bump photo shoot, so here is me and JJ

And finally a better picture of the bump at 30 weeks (plus 3 days), but with my face blocked.  I promise you're not missing anything.  It is super hot out today when I took this picture and I have bird poop in my hair....yes bird poop.  This would be the 3rd time this summer a bird has pooped in my hair, I choose to believe it's good luck.

And just to round things out a picture of the baby daddy.  I realized there would be more pictures of the dog then Matt if I didn't include one and that seemed just wrong.  This is us at Kelly's Island celebrating Father's Day.

I'm still feeling pretty good and am looking forward to another doctors appointment on Monday. 

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