Sunday, July 24, 2011

I'm the next Martha Stewart

Matt has been gone for the majority of this week so it's just been me and JJ hanging out.  Matt was in Providence, RI for work from Sunday-Wednesday, and then a retreat out in Amish Country with his buddies from Friday-Sunday.  To keep busy I busted out the old sewing machine.  I need to make some new cornhole bags and also looked up some easy baby projects.

I ended up making some burp cloths.  It was just a simple project where I sewed flannel to the back of cloth diapers for added absorbency and to help them not slip off your shoulder.  I must say they turned out pretty out Martha Stewart I'm gunning for your post as domestic goddess (minus the whole jail time thing).

1 comment:

  1. LOL ... love it!

    BTW - I need to show you one of the shoulder burp cloths that Dom's aunt makes. They are probably really easy to make (I've never made one) but they can be fun to design and they are SUPER user-friendly. Way better than any other burp clothes I had b/c they fit around your neck. Remind me to show you a picture.