Monday, October 10, 2011

Amish Matt's Crib

Matt did finish the crib right after we got home from the hospital.  He really would have had it done and in the house by Saturday morning before I was induced if I wouldn't have messed it up and gone into labor on my own on Friday night.  The thing is gorgeous.  I know I got a little stressed about it not being done but it was well worth the wait.  I'm sorry that I may have over reacted when I went out and saw Matt chiseling pieces to fit and again started the conversation about how he should just use screws and modern wood working technology.  Matt managed to build this crib, that could hold a grown man, without using any metal parts until the end.  He only used screws to connect the box spring to the bottom.

I am just so impressed and proud of Matt.  It is a beautiful piece of woodworking and our first family heirloom.

Still in pieces in the shop

Matt putting one of the sides together

Putting it together in the nursery with JJ there to supervise

Putting the pins in to hold it together...why yes, screws would be much easier, but apparently less safe and less pretty

All put together!  Yes that is the deer mobile and bedding.  It goes well with the log cabin look.

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