Saturday, October 1, 2011

Gearing up for the Outage

Tomorrow marks the beginning of the outage at Davis Besse, which means Matt will be working 12 hour days, 6 days a week.  He will get each Saturday off (if nothing goes horribly wrong) and will hopefully be done with the outage by the beginning of November.  Needless to say we're not looking forward to it and will miss Matt at home.  This afternoon we got to visit with Matt's family and Zach got to meet his great grandpa McClure.  Zach has now met 6 grandparents, 5 great grandparents and 1 great great grandma...he is pretty lucky to have so much family that loves him!

Last night we got wild and crazy and went out to dinner and signed up for a Sam's Club membership.  If you want 4 gallons of ketchup feel free to use our card.  I debated buying a pallet of coffee and diet pepsi but resisted.

Tonight we're trying to relax and soak up some family time since it will be just me and the little man hanging out soon, feel free to come visit :)  I think while Matt is working crazy hours we will try to do some visiting...we'll see.  Some days I'm just lucky to shower let alone go visit people.

Sleepy baby burrito

Our first doctors appointment....Matt couldn't believe I took a picture.  I made sure to do it before the doctor came in so I wouldn't look crazy.

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