Sunday, June 3, 2012

8 Months Old!

Zach is 8 months old....and a few days...weeks...whatever...I did actually take pictures at 8 months and will post them as soon!

He is still wearing size 3 diapers and 6-9month clothes.

He doesn't have a doctor's appointment until next month so I'm not sure of the height and weight.  I tried briefly to get him to sit on the scale but that did not go so well, unless you consider him trying to lunge off the scale going well.

Little man loves to eat.  He will eat anything and everything.  He will of course make a face like you're torturing him that first bite, but then quickly open up for more and if you're not moving fast enough he will grunt and/or yell for more.

He eats #2 foods.  He will eat some puffs and num-num rice things, but he likes playing with them more then eating them.  He puts everything he can get his hands on in his mouth...except finger foods.

He is still taking 4 bottles at 6oz each.  He also has breakfast, 2oz of fruit and a few bites of prunes and a little cereal of some kind; dinner, 2oz of veggies and a few bites of prunes and maybe some cereal.  He has been not wanting formula at the normal 11am time and instead will have fruits or veggies and water.  He likes water and uses a sippy cup for it.

Why yes that is a lot of prunes....we have been having some tummy issues.  We cut out apples and added more prunes and more water and things are going a lot better.

He goes down between 7 and 8pm pretty easy still and sleeps until 6ish.  We did have our worst sleep night ever this past month.  We are very fortunate that Zach has always been a good night sleeper....until this last month.  We had our first all nighter right in the middle of greenhouse season and shut down.  He was getting up frequently as well for a few weeks, but we think it was because of his tummy issues.  Once we got those figured out he has been back to his normal sleepy self.

He loves to talk.  Mama (usually if he is hungry or sleepy), Dada (if he is happy and wants to play), we thought he said dog the other day but figured we were crazy, but my brother and sister in law babysat and they heard it too.  He loves to mimic noises, especially animal noises.  He likes pig, cat (which we taught him was a hiss as a joke based on our friends son and he picked it up before we realized), dog (again, not the normal noise of woof, but panting since our dog is big and lazy) and sheep.

He loves the dog.  He laughs and smiles for JJ way more then he does for us.  When he want to see JJ he'll pant like him.

He is scooting and pulling himself up.  I was freaking out about him not crawling yet and have since reversed my stance and would be ok waiting another 2 weeks or so until season is over ha!

He still loves outside.  He will be crabby as ever and if you take him for a walk outside it will be like a new child.

I feel like so much has happened this month!  He is just growing and comprehending more and more each day.  He watches everything like a hawk.

When I walk in the door from work and he smiles this huge smile and reaches for me it melts my heart.  On the flip side, when he cries when I leave it is heart breaking.  He will wave bye bye sometimes, but usually after the person is out the door...I guess he is making sure they really leave.

He loves peek a boo, bath time and his jumper.  He can no longer jump without making noise.

He also loves his wagon.  We strap him in and he will start squawking if you're not moving fast enough.

We could not love this little guy anymore then we do.  He fills our hearts with such joy.

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