Monday, July 30, 2012

10 Months

I have started and restarted this post many times.  I have not finished partly because we've been busy and partly because it has been a rough month.  This has been the most challenging month since Zach has been born and I was debating if I should put in the rough stuff or not.  I figured I better so some day I can remind myself it's just a phase!

Ok, the nitty gritty.....

Not sure on height and weight, no doctor's appointments this month.

3 month diapers, but we use primarily cloth now.

Finally in his 9-12 month clothes....we probably could have transitioned sooner, but the 6-9 month ones still fit ok and we had so many cute outfits it was hard to put them away.

Schedule....ha, what schedule?!  We were doing well and had a schedule with 2 naps in it....ahh, bliss.  Then came teething, growing, traveling, who knows what.  We're working on getting back to a schedule that involves sleeping without a fight.

He is sleeping anywhere from 8-11 hours a night, but is waking up in the night.  I feel like this is because of teething, or we read sometimes babies have a phase of sleep regression.  Needless to say we were surprised.  Zach has never been a great napper, but has gone down at night no problem for months....until this last month.  It is a fight and he loves to just stand in his crib and scream.  We're trying different things to hopefully remedy this situation, if you have any helpful hints we're all ears.

He loves to be moving around.  He is crawling, but doesn't know his power quite yet.  He goes after something he wants, but doesn't take off yet.  He doesn't realize he can take off quite yet and I'm savoring the moments....but since he doesn't realize he can take off and that is all he wants to do he gets very frustrated.

He is so darn cute and proud of himself when he pulls himself up.  He loves to be standing.

He still loves talking.  He has entire conversations with himself in the car and he must be hilarious because he'll just start randomly laughing.  He added Hi to his words he says.

He has 2 more bottom teeth poking through and we believe top ones are coming.

It was his first multiple night spend over this month at Grandma and Grandpas.

Anything outside is still king.  He loves the baby pool grandma brought for him, but he also loves trying to eat leaves and grass around the pool....

He is still an awesome eater.  He takes 3 bottles, around 20 oz of formula a day...still soy formula.  We're always trying new foods and there isn't much he won't eat.  His favorite is still pancake.  He likes mango and veggie patties.

It's time for a haircut but we keep putting it off.  His hair is coming in so blonde and starting to curl in the back, it is adorable.

His eyes are still blue most of the time, but sometimes I think they look green.

Reading is still a favorite thing to do and he still loves Brown Bear and now a random duck book we got from the pediatrician.

I think this last month has just been a big transition month with more moving, teething and growing.  Everything seems to be changing and we just need to figure out what new schedule and tactics will work now.  Ahhh, being a mother....some moments I'm so overcome with joy I think I may burst, other times I'm ready to pull my hair out and throw a tantrum of my own.

Oh mom, I still think these pictures are dumb...

Ohhh there goes him...

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