Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Parent of the year

I'm always doing things which qualify me for the 'parent of the year' status. Today Zach licked a truck, specifically the tailgate of grandpa Kenny's truck....who is a farmer...and hauls who knows what...but I mean really, who assumes their brilliant, beautiful child is going to lick a vehicle, but I digress. There are many moments I'm not especially proud of or worry I could be doing better, but then I remind myself to breath & laugh. Granted somedays this is easier said then done. The rational part of me knows we're doing just fine, but the first time mom in me worries that letting Zach watch Arthur for a half hour so I can chug 2 cups of coffee will rot his brain.

Recently someone told me they always thought they would be this great parent but now they aren't so sure (after witnessing what a terror a baby can be). I replied immediately and on instinct; I said that everyone thinks they are going to be a great parent. Their kid is going to eat healthy organic meals they prepare, never watch tv & follow all the guidelines anyone has ever written....but that doesn't happen. You can read all the books & have the best of intentions but it never goes that way. You'll be a good parent, but no one is the unrealistic great one they think they will be with crafts & a Mary Poppins type patience and that is ok. Everyone gets by the best they can. There are moments when I'm like heck yes I got this down & qualify for the great patent status, quickly followed by moments I want to pull my hair out & don't even care if other moms are judging me because I will do anything in that moment for 3 minutes of calm. It's the highest of highs & lowest of lows. It is ok if you haven't found the time or energy to make a handprint craft for all the holidays or teach your kid sign language. Give yourself a break, you're doing just fine. We're all in this together & I promise not to give you the side eye if I see your kid lick a vehicle.

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  1. I love this!!! Is your blog public? It should be. You are hilarious and honest and your blog is my absolute favorite one to read.