Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Farmer Living

Generally, in this household, I'm the farmer and Matt is the professional. I'm the one who could drive the bobcat and other big equipment first, knew about grain yields and markets, and was gone all hours in the spring since "you make hay when the sunshines"....or some such nonsense farmer phrase used as an excuse to miss events and come and go as you please.

Clearly I work hard

Matt has always shown interest in helping farm and the tables have turned. He helped with the harvest this fall and I must admit it sucks being on the other side.  The last minute, 'sorry hun, we have to do this tonight before it rains', or 'the elevator doesn't close until 7pm so don't wait up'.

I now realize how terrible I was to live with for 3-4 months of the year.  I know I'm guilty of telling Matt 'I won't be long'....and then coming back 4 hours later since something else needed done immediately.  
So excited to going out to work in the cold decked out in all Carhartt gear

For all you city folks, harvest consists of the combine taking down the crops in the field, dumping said crops in a truck of some sort, and then taking the crop to the elevator for harvest.  Now this seems like it should be seamless and quick....it is not.  If I've learned anything, it is that nothing is fast in farming.

I'm happy to see this harvest finished up, but even happier to see Matt so proud of himself.  He is from a suburb of Youngstown, Ohio....once known as the murder capital and needless to say much more urban than the little farm village we live in now.  Matt is an engineer and loves to figure out new things and processes, so farming is right up his alley.  I have only been able to keep my patience because Matt does love being a country boy so much, and he sometimes takes Zach in the trucks and combines with him.
Farmer Matt planting the very important crop of grass for our yard

I never anticipated staying in the little town I grew up in and doing any of these things, especially not marrying a farm boy.  I hated farming, small town living, you name it.  It is funny how life changes.  I am grateful for the new experiences Matt and Zach get to have around here and couldn't be happier with our quiet little life.

Everybody is put to work on the farm...

That being said, if I hear one more hunting/deer story from this season I may consider moving to New  York City.

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