Saturday, February 15, 2014

Happy Valentines Day!

Usually we do not do anything for Valentines day. We make each other cards like the children we are.

This year Zach and I made cookies for daddy and some other family in the area. About 5 seconds into decorating cookies Zach dropped the sprinkle shaker and I decided I may not have the patience to do valentines crafts with a 2 year old. We started moving at warp speed. Zach got to decorate and we got finished in enough time that I got to keep a shred of my sanity for the rest of the day.

Matt also brought me home flowers. I was shocked. He's pretty awesome with the random surprises but we have a strict no valentines day policy. I figured it was because he's been working so many hours and missing me. At which point a less honest man would agree, "yes dear, that's exactly right". Oh but Matt is honest Abe and pointed out I made a big deal of not getting a card last year.....which was not correct....

I made a big deal of not getting a mothers day card. I'll happily take the flowers and you better believe I'll be pissy again if I don't get anything for mothers day since I'm a brat....and ready to push another kid out any day now.

Whatever the reason I'll take it & display my flowers proudly. I like that I complained about 1 holiday & will forever more get stuff for every small holiday. I think I won out on this & do have a pretty fantastic husband.

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