Tuesday, October 28, 2014

First skate

It was a big day for Zach....well, as big as days can get for a 3 year old when it'd not Christmas or his birthday. 

Zach went ice skating for the first time last night and it was equal parts hilarious and weirdly emotional.  I mean my baby isn't a baby anymore. He was ice skating, without me, such a little man. It just seemed like such a big kid activity and I'm clearly feeling hormonal.

Don't fret, I was not feeling this lovey dovey towards my toddler as he was yelling and refusing to put his skates on.  I did what all defeated mom's do and I bribed the crap out of him.  If he put on his skates, then we could walk over and check out the race car game.....if he stood in the circle with everybody, then we can ride the toy car on the way out.....then swooped in an angel in ice skates. She was a peppy 20 year old who conveniently looked like queen Elsa from Frozen and has clearly taught classes of the uncooperative beasts known as toddlers.

To get him in the ice she let him color on it with special ice markers (who knew there was such a thing?) And then slowly had him up pushing a bucket around and walking on his skates.  There were a few tears, but when it was time to go I got, "no mommy I'm ice skating....I like skating ". 

Considering I didn't think I'd even get his skates on, it's a small miracle he took a few steps out on the ice by himself.  There were definitely a few moments I was really glad it was a free trial thing and I didn't waste money since it looked like we were going to leave screaming. 

Another fun fact, I don't know how to tie ice skates properly.

I doubt Zach will be the next (insert famous hockey player/inserts skater here) but we may have found something to wear him out during the winter.

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