Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Just call me Indiana Jones

Do you ever have moments when you're by yourself but stop for a second just to think, "it's a good thing no one can see me right now"?

I have many crazy, ridiculous moments like parties, singing all the Disney songs, the conversations/bargains that happen to get Zach to do anything....but by far one of the funniest things has to be watching someone try to set a baby down without waking the child up.

I firmly believe no one can do this gracefully, but everyone who has attempted has done so with the concentration as if they were handling a nuclear bomb....because, well, it's a fair comparison.

It is truly a feat that rivals Indian Jones moves in the Temple of Doom movie. You move carefully, not to make a misstep...then find something that can pass as your arm to put the baby against....slowly place the package (almost lose your balance)....keep one hand on the treasure to ensure success then back away slowly to do your victory dance....which wakes up the baby...DAMN!

I would like the putting down babies YouTube channel.  It would be like my very own America's Funniest Home videos, sad pathetic mom edition. 

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