Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Hippie Fail

Matt makes fun of me for being a tree hugging hippie....I hide it well.  I can go on a tangent about using the plastic water bottles for hours (and probably have), I plan on making my own baby food and am working on finding a cloth diaper that works for us.

Side note: Seriously way more cloth diaper options then I ever imagined.  We got one kind, too big, got a different kind, too small.....time to stop ordering online and actually go to a store to check this hippie love out.  I am on a mission now.

Anyway, so I guess I am a little bit of a hippie.  There is one hippie practice I cannot do though (well I'm sure more then one, I shave and stuff, lets not get weird) and that is on demand feeding and sleeping for Zach.  I'm a structured person but tried this method, which I failed.  I just can't do it.  I need a routine and schedule or some sort, even if it is a loosely based one.  So now that is what we're working on, I feel as if it may be rough, wish us luck.

Sleepy boys

Just too cute not to put on here, Zach playing in the leaves with his cousins

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