Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Making Electricity

Matt is making electricity again....at work that is.  The shut down is finally coming to a close and he will be working normal hours again.  It has been a long 10 weeks with crazy hours.  We can start figuring out what our new "normal" is and Matt will get to have more time with me and Zach.  It has been a struggle for sure with us both being exhausted.  Thank goodness for my mom when I just needed a break and for watching Zach so me and Matt could still go on dates here and there.  

We're back to a normal schedule just in time for Christmas which is always chaotic.  We're really trying to focus on having a stress free holiday with a little time to relax together as a family since we haven't gotten to do much of that since Zach was born.  

We are also having success with our routine.  We have feedings, bedtime and wake up time almost down to a science.  The nap times are what is difficult, but we're getting closer to a consistent routine.  I have found like is much better with the routine and making sure Zach gets enough sleep during the day.  If it were up to Zach he would never sleep during the day.  He is nosy and just gets super cranky if he doesn't get enough sleep (just like his mom), so nap times have really helped us have a happy boy for most of the day.

And because a post would not be complete without a picture.....

Happy boy on the changing table...he loves to be naked

I make things sound all sunshine and roses but we get a fair amount of this too....screaming like he is on fire.  This was his 2 month picture.  Apparently he was worried the alphabet singing dog was going to attack. 

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