Wednesday, March 28, 2012

6 Months

Finally a 6 month round up!  I really just can't believe it.  I feel like the next 6 months are going to be even faster and I'm trying to stop and soak up the moments.

- He weighs 16lb & oz and is in the 50% for weight and is long which makes him in the 75%.  They didn't give us a percentile for head measurement so I can only assume it is off the charts.

- He is in size 3 diapers.  We ran out of size 2 and had size 3, but they are fitting just fine with no leaks or issues.

- Still in 3-6 month clothes, but getting ready to make the jump to 6-9 month.  Some of the stuff is too small, others are still big...depends on the brand.

- Sleeping all night still thank goodness!  The time change was very good to us.  We lay him down at 7:30pm, usually asleep by 8pm at the latest and sleeps until almost 7am.  This means I don't have to get up at 5am to have one quiet cup of coffee and a shower.  It is amazing.

- He is an eating champ.  He takes 4 bottles a day of Similac Soy, 6-8oz and has rice cereal and fruits and/or veggies twice a day.  He is eating the #1 foods, but got the green light at the doctors for #2 foods and a little bit of water.

- We have a schedule down for now where he takes 3 naps for about 30-60 minutes each.  We're getting closer to cutting down to 2 longer naps a day but the little guy just gets too tired to make it that long yet.

- He is talking more.  I usually wake up to mama through the monitor...which is nice, but when I leave and he yells mama and starts crying it is heart breaking.  He says dada and I swear me and Matt heard a JJ in there (the dog, who he loves best still).

- He is a generally happy boy.  We get lots of giggles and noises.  You can tell his frustrated from his bored or hungry noises now.

- He is sitting pretty good on his own.  He gets a little wobbly still (it's that big head) but for the most part is doing good.

- He still has little to no interest in being on his stomach so he may never crawl at this point.  He does love to stand so no one will be surprised if he walks before he crawls.

- He loves his bouncer.  He gets going like a crazy baby.

- Still loves music and books.  Brown Bear is still a daily read.

- The drooling and chewing have gotten worse.  The doctor said she thinks a tooth will be making an appearance soon.

- He loves, loves, loves being outside.  He especially loves being in the giant baby backpack outside walking around.

And the camera with all his 6 month pictures is in his room and he is sleeping, so I will have to post those later.  Nap time is sacred time sorry folks.  I promise to overcompensate for the lateness and lack of pictures.

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