Monday, March 26, 2012


Zach is well behaved for a baby, so he not a monster in that respect....but I think he may be monster huge.  We went out to lunch and saw a woman waiting for a table with her baby in a sling (hey non-parents, this is essentially a baby backpack...that is right, put your kid in, strap it on and go...amazing, but I digress).  We started talking, doing a little mom flirting.  I told her I liked her sling (I really did, it was well designed and looked like it wouldn't break my back and her baby was not screaming) and she said we were genius...she may not have said the word genius, I just inferred...since we bring our bumbo (non-parents, this is a very expensive piece of foam like plastic that your baby sits in which is worth every cent since they can't escape) for Zach to sit in on the table at restaurants so we don't have to hassle with high chairs and what not.  For now this works best.

So the point of this story since I got way off track; her little boy was the same age as Zach and probably half of his size.  Now the doctor keeps telling us he is normal and average.  He was 50% in weight and 75% in height which you would know if I ever do a 6 month stats post.  Zach looked like he could eat this kid.  At one point Zach smiled at him and I briefly wondered if he was debating going after him.

I'm starting to get a complex about our giant child.  Maybe we should find a group of 6 month old babies to hang out with to see if Zach is actually a giant.

Tonight, 6 month post.  For real this time.

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