Tuesday, October 2, 2012


I read other blogs and the blog I love you more than carrots really hit home.  She said sometimes she has to remind herself this is the life she prayed for....

Oh honey I hear you.  Sometimes I have to remind myself this is the life better than I even knew to pray for.  Somedays when my house looks like toys r us exploded in the living room, followed closely by a barnes and noble explosion in Zach's room, and I'm failing on every front I have to remind myself....this is what you wanted.  It is chaotic, but I have an amazing son and husband and loyal dog on good days. We're preparing to build our dream house and are overwhelmed by love and support from our family and friends....all before 30 years old (well I'm not 30 yet...the hubs has a few years on me).

Sometimes between teething, dog puke, socks on the floor and all the other little things that don't matter, but somehow become big annoying things, I want to hide somewhere tropical and relive the glory days of college Jessica.

These are the days I need to take a moment to remember this is the life I prayed for...preferably before I give Matt the death stare for putting his lunch tupperware in the sink after I just finished by 4th round of dishes for the day.

I have the most handsome, amazing husband and smart, cute and funny son.  I am blessed in so many ways I need to let go the little things and take time to thank God for everything I do have.  Thank you for giving me the life I dreamed of, even when I'm too stressed out to realize it.

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