Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Sick Day

I don't think I appreciated sick days enough when I was working in an office prior to having a child.  I'd take the day off and actually rest, maybe visit the doctor, watch some girl movies....while I felt like garbage, it now seems like a dream.  I tried to declare yesterday a sick day, but Zach had other plans.  I admit we watched way more Thomas the Train than any other day ever, we stayed in pajamas most of the day, but Zach did not put up with that for long.  He thought my cough was a game so I would cough and he would laugh then fake cough.  It may not be a sick day that is overly restful, but it was a much more entertaining one and I laughed way more than I have any other sick day.  While all that is true, I better get well soon because I can't take much more Thomas the Train or Zach's new truck book from Aunt Amanda.  

 Play with me!!!  p.s. I think he looks so much like cousin Syd in this picture!

Mama no sleeping....we're playing cars....again

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