Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Warm fuzzies

The honeymoon is over so to speak and this cute cuddly baby is a full blown toddler. Cute is when he hugs & kisses & talks. Not cute is throwing himself on the ground screaming & the constant no out of his mouth. We're struggling on how to discipline a child so small & determining what he understands.

So we were talking about his beloved stuffed animal Ba, aka the blue bunny during an 'oh lord are we already entering the terrible twos' conversation. I told Matt that we should let him tote around bunny and encourage his love so we have something to take away when he was bad. Meanest mom ever or evil genius. It was really more mean, I think I actually said let him love something so we can use it against him. To be fair he had thrown 3 meals on the floor & I was out of coffee & wine.

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