Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Oh Nap Time

I always have grand plans of being productive during nap time. I have a list a mile long and good intentions of working out. These things rarely happen. By the time nap gets here I'm happy to be showered and get to eat lunch. After Zach finally falls asleep, I get his lunch picked up, eat my lunch, go to the bathroom since I've been holding it for hours, pick up toys, and finally sit down and realize I only have about 50 precious minutes of quiet left.

Should I workout or cross things off my to do list with those kid free minutes? You bet. But more often than not I squander it looking online or just relaxing for a few minutes.

I used to feel bad about my lack of productivity, but have officially given up and embrace the relaxation. I only have a few more weeks with just one kid so I figure I better get my r & r while I can.

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