Monday, December 16, 2013

I'm a Goofball

Today Zach had his first haircut at an actual place. He did surprisingly well, especially since we tried about a year ago and never made it to actually getting out scissors. Now it doesn't look like the home made bowl cut everyone has come to know and love. Or now there are not long and short chunks of hair....the tell tale sign of cheap parents and home haircuts.

Apparently the haircut made him lose his mind. Since he has been up from nap he's been running around jumping and yelling "I'm a goofball". He is acting a fool and I have no idea why, unless Matt snuck him some sugar....but that would just be stupid since he's here watching this train wreck as well.

Today I also caught Zach changing the baby dolls diaper and telling her she should use the potty to get an M&M....even though Zach refuses to use the potty.

He also played with his kitchen, which is normal. What's not normal is him drinking a pretend beer..."look beer, I drink beer, gulp gulp, yum".

Thank god tomorrow is a daycare/work day.

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