Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Baby False Alarm

So yesterday was an exciting day for us.  I had some contractions on my morning walk but they quit once I finished my walk and sat down for a bit.  I didn't have anything for the afternoon and then mild contractions started later in the day.  Once they were a little less then 5 minutes apart we headed to the hospital.  They monitored me but the contractions got more mild and further apart so they said I could go home.  I was just happy to see I  was actually having contractions and not losing my mind!

I have a doctors appointment today so we'll see if anything is going on.  Baby is trying to decide if it's ready to meet our crazy family and friends :)

We also made some big purchases recently.  We got a new fancy camera and a car.  The camera was Matt's department, I have no idea the specs....I was in charge of coupons, looking for discounts and figuring out how I could make it cheaper so I wouldn't freak out.  We managed to get the camera for half off which made my (cheap) soul happy.

We also traded in the Jeep Liberty for a Jeep Patriot.  It was also a great deal and we got way more for trade in then we anticipated so we went for it.  So if you know me, you know these purchases made me hyperventilate only a little bit.  I am a penny pincher, but am very happy with our purchases.

Now we're all set just waiting for baby to decide it is really ready to make an appearance!

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