Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Almost full term!

I must admit I'm in a fantastic mood this week.  I'm turning 27, I hit 37 weeks on Thursday which is considered full term, and I get to stop my shots....it's a pretty awesome week.  I'm feeling good and my doctor was teasing me about going into labor on labor day, we'll see what happens!  It's so close we're so excited.

I packed our hospital bag this week and installed the car seat.  Let me tell you, I tried to make the car seat installation more difficult then it was and it led to lots of swearing.  Don't worry I figured it out and the seat is in and ready to go...even though I felt like an idiot, I got it done and read the entire manual.

I take our dog JJ for a walk every morning, I thought Matt should document this fact...not sure why.  Yes that giant crater in my shirt is my weird, stretched out belly button and I am indeed rocking the old Chi Omega sports shirt.  

36 Weeks bump picture.  Yes it is necessary for me to stand with my feet that far apart now...I'm like a weeble  (weebles wobble but they don't fall down...anyone else remember those?).

I'm feeling good still and Matt has been great.  I think he is starting to get nervous, there are a lot of 'How are you feeling'.  Just feeling pregnant, and I thought I lost my mind temporarily but apparently that was just nesting.  Feel free to come over and look in my drawers, they are all compulsively organized.  

Sometime in the next 3 weeks we'll have a baby!  We'll keep you updated!

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