Thursday, January 19, 2012

4 Months

Only 3 days late....I'm getting closer and closer to actually getting these out on the day.

Zach is 4 months old!  A third of the year is done and he is so different from the tiny little thing we brought home from the hospital.

- I don't know what he weighs and measures yet, we go to the doctor on the 30th....hopefully he is catching up with his big head.

- He is in size 2 diapers.

- We got so many clothes for Christmas we switched over to 3-6 month clothes and they are fitting him nicely now.

- He is still taking 5 bottles a day, 6oz. each.  He is finishing every bottle and the plan is to start rice cereal after we go to his next check up.

- He had his first giggle this month.  He does not give away giggles freely, but it is hilarious once he gets going.  Kisses or dancing around with him will usually get him to giggle.

- He has rolled from his tummy to his back.  He hates tummy time and will roll from his tummy to his back sometimes but has no interest in rolling the other way.  He tries to avoid being on his tummy at all costs, so really rolling onto his stomach is so not happening at this point.

- So much drool.  We have a 90lb dog so we thought we were prepared for drool....we were wrong.  We always have a bib on hand to catch the ever present drool flow from his toothless mouth.

- Drool coming out, whatever he can grab going in.  He will put whatever he can hold in his mouth.  He loves chewing on stuff, especially his fists.  This of course distributes the drool all over everything.

- Zach has grabby hands.  I have stopped wearing earring and have to watch my hair because he will pull with all his might on them, which doesn't seem like it would hurt until he has a handful and is laughing away.  He has some pull toys on his car seat he likes and has figured out as well.

- He is pretty hilarious with all of his faces.  He gets those eyebrows and mouth going and you can almost hear him all you an idiot.  He loves himself so much.  He likes to look at himself in the mirror and usually smile, but sometimes he will keep making different faces.

- He is always biting his lower lip, that just started this week.

- He likes to dance with me and even tolerates my singing.  He likes Matt's singing, but Matt sings him Motley Crue songs.

- Rap music will usually calm him down in the car.  If that doesn't work the Jersey Shore style fist pump will distract him enough to stop crying.  I look like an idiot, but I'd rather look like an idiot with a quiet baby then look like a frazzled lunatic with a screaming baby.

Chunker baby

Did I mention he likes to try to eat everything?  His first make out session was with the alphabet dog, how precious.

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