Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Myth or Fact - first installment

There are many questions that come along with being a parent and especially from those without kids.  I had the same questions before Zach came along and I'm here to help clear up myth and facts in the first installment of myth or fact.

1. Are you really that busy?  

Oh I wondered the same thing.  How can a tiny little baby that sleeps so much in the beginning be so much work?  I will fully admit I didn't understand how or why moms with just one little baby were so tired and talked about how busy they were.  I mean I can change diapers and cuddle and still have time to cruise the Internet, do the dishes and clean the house.  Hahaha oh Jessica, you idiot...

Turns out you are really that busy.  You never know when that sleep will come or how long your precious/screaming angel will really sleep.  I even have a pretty set routine down now where I can usually count on a 2 hour nap in the afternoon.  It never fails, as soon as I plan something Zach decides he does not want or need to nap.  Everything revolves around bottles, naps and bedtime.  Want to do dinner?  Sure, but it has to be before 6:30pm or after 7:30pm if you want to go out somewhere.  By the time dinnertime comes around I may be too exhausted to talk to you from trying to entertain a baby that has little concept of toys and will scowl at me and laugh at the wall.  Not to mention the anxiety of taking the baby out and not knowing if he is going to be normal happy baby or disaster baby.  Nobody wants to be that mom with the screaming baby in public.  It gets to a point where you have to get out of the house and miss other adults so you throw caution to the wind and go for it.

In addition to baby duties you need to find time to make sure you still like your baby daddy by the end of the day and have a house that you're not completely ashamed of.  This all needs to take place during nap times or after bedtime.  I have found during Zach's morning nap (usually only 45min) I can wash bottles, have a cup of coffee, shower (no time to shave the legs, maybe the weekend to help with that whole keep the hubby liking me) and maybe squeak out a blog post or email if I'm lucky.

It is not even like I have twins or work all day.  And some days do seem easy and I do actually love being home with Zach all day because I can't imagine trying to fit it all in after work but before bedtime (lets not talk about greenhouse season yet).  I'm just pointing out to sweet naive dummies like myself that it is harder and busier then you would expect.  It's the hardest and most wonderful job in the world.  Give a new mom a hug today, she may need it.  

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