Monday, January 30, 2012

The dirty C word....Croup

So I was going to write about the good, happy, B word (baptism) but instead I'm writing about the dirty c word....croup.

We had our first hospital overnight with Zach.  On Wednesday late afternoon/evening he quickly progressed from sounding like he had a cold to wheezing, a horrendous sounding bark like cough, and trouble breathing.  I did the normal tricks, steamy bathroom and going outside in the cold air but when both of those weren't helping I figured it was time to call the doctor.  I called the doctor and they said to bring him in right away.  They gave him a shot and a breathing treatment and decided to send us straight to the hospital to be monitored overnight.  I held it together until the hospital that point I don't know who was crying more, me or Zach.  We got another breathing treatment and more steroids at the hospital and just waited.  Me and Matt pretended to sleep on the chairs in his room, but just stayed awake watching him to make sure he was breathing.  By morning he sounded better, but not great.  He still had some labored breathing so they said we had to wait to be discharged to make sure his breathing slowed down.  Finally around 6pm we got discharged with some strict instructions about medications and symptoms to watch for.

It was by far the scariest night of my life, but we're happy to report Zach is pretty much back to normal and was breaking nurses hearts already.  We go in for a follow up appointment today.

Right before we got to head home and all the nurses loved on him

In his baby jail otherwise known as a hospital crib

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