Thursday, January 12, 2012

Poo Karma

Oh yes, another post about poo.  Don't worry when you have a child (or turn old enough where you just say what you want and don't care what people think) you'll talk about poo way more than you care to admit, but this will be the last poo post.  Don't worry, no pictures on this post.

We had our inaugural poo explosion for 2012 and it was hilarious....mainly because Matt got the bad end of that deal.  Zach was sitting in his bumbo (fancy baby seat) at the table with us while we ate dinner.  There was a fart noise, which I assumed was Matt or JJ.  Matt and I were discussing our days and had just decided that Matt would be in charge of bath time from here on out.  It would give him some one on one time with Zach and it would give me at least 20 minutes to get something done, or realistically have a glass of wine and try not to worry about anything so I'm not committed to an insane asylum by the time Zach goes to Kindergarten.

Dinner was over and Matt was like, no problem Gus, I'll change Zach's diaper...hahahaha sucker.  I just hear a mix of laughing and gagging so like any good mom I go to get a look at this epic diaper explosion.  I really don't know how it gets everywhere.  How is it not on your calf but on your foot?  You're even wearing a sleeper with the feet in it.  Right in the bath went Zach, with Matt in charge of making him poo free and smelling good.  Since I can't smell I get to change the majority of dirty diapers so this was poo karma coming back to get Matt for all the times he asked me to handle the dirty work.

I must say this probably doesn't sound very funny, but between Matt's disgust and Zach's giggles it was hilarious....for me that is.

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