Saturday, September 1, 2012

28 thank you mom

Yesterday I became one day closer to 30. My first birthday as a mother and I must say it changes the perspective a little bit. So for my birthday I wanted to write a note to my mom....

Dear Mom,

From now on I promise not to roll my eyes when you call me super early to say happy birthday and then again multiple times to say "I was heading to the hospital now", "I was getting wheeled back now", etc. On the same theme I promise to actually listen when you tell me my birth story every year. It was hard, complicated and messy, but you risked it all to have me even though I was literally a butt face (I was breach & they kept thinking my butt was my head & I was going to be huge). You still get a few tears and want to find the perfect present....this again got you some eye rolls, but I get it. Whether it is a Barbie or a pedicure you know me and just what to get even though your baby is grown, which is unbelievable. Thank you and I'm sorry I give you a hard time. You are allowed to laugh at me when I call you on Zach's 30th birthday to cry and tell his birth story since I know he will just roll his eyes at me.

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