Tuesday, September 18, 2012

12 months

1 year old....it still seems crazy.  I'll never forget the nurse telling me at the hospital that it will be long days and short year, truer words have never been spoken.

-Not sure on height and weight, we have our doctors appointment later in the month.

- Size 3 diapers but going strong with cloth.  We took a hiatus from cloth diapers for a bit when he got diaper rash since you're not supposed to use creams with the cloth diapers.  Turns out the disposable diapers gave him way worse of a rash so we are all cloth all the time again (even at night with only 1 pee through incident).

- 12 month clothes....they are starting to get tight, we'll be making the shift to 18 month clothes soon I'm sure.

- Size 5 shoes.  He has weird fat feet so it's hard to find shoes that fit.  They are especially long or wide but they are tall.  They are essentially bricks.

- Napping is going well.  We still have 2 nap times, one at 9am and one at 1pm.  He sleeps at least an hour at each naptime.

- Sleeping through the night again with very few incidents.  Usually goes down between 7pm and 8pm and sleeps until 6/6:30am.

- We joined the y and he is loving the kids zone.  He likes all the toys and other kids.  I think it has been good for him to play with other kids his age.

- Talking up a storm still.....we hear no the most.  But we also get, car, ball, mama, dada, hi, bye bye, dog....I'm sure there are a few more, but I can't keep up with this guy.

- He also likes making animal noises.  He has cat, dog, cow and snake down.  He will sometimes do monkey.

- Still crawling around like a crazy man.  He will stand on his own more and more.  I don't think walking is too far in our future.  I was anxious for crawling, I am happy to wait for walking.

- He gives kisses now.  Gross, open mouth kisses but they are sweet.  I got my first real hug.  If you ask him for a big squeeze he usually just touches his cheek to yours, but once (and only 1 time ever) he gave me a big hug with his arms around my neck...talk about melt my heart.

- His favorite toy is this big car thing he likes to push around, but he got a ton of new toys for his birthday so I'm sure we'll have a new favorite soon.

- Climbing the stairs is also hours of entertainment.

- In love with the front bike seat....both us and Zach.

- Will eat anything except eggs or cottage cheese.  He has cut back on his afternoon bottle and now takes that one in a sippy cup with a snack.

There is so much more it's going way too fast!

A few pictures from his party.  He didn't go crazy with the cake, he was much more interested in getting everyone to clap for him....such a ham.

Why are you all staring at me...

...clap and cheer my minions...

Cake, icing, and attention overload.  

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