Wednesday, September 26, 2012

First steps

This last week Zach took his first unassisted step. Matt saw him take a step or two to go from one toy to another and my mom saw him take a step at her house. I have yet to see him take a step. I spend 98% of my waking hours with the boy and no sightings yet. I feel like its big foot....people swear they've seen it and believe, but until I see it for myself I'm a non believer. I am glad Matt got to see it first since I know it's hard for him to leave us every morning. I'll let you know when I spot big foot, but for now he's still little bear who just stands and plays and has yet to walk. I was anxious for crawling, but I'm perfectly happy to wait for walking....I can barely keep up with crawling.

And of course a picture since Matt checks the blog at work when he misses us and had made it well known that posts are way better with pictures.

Zach doesn't run around yet, but apparently he drives...

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