Monday, September 24, 2012


Zach is apparently a big time baller with his slam dunks. He got a mini sports thing and loves it. He sits in front of it making baskets for far longer than I would have imagined possible...probably because it has a fake crowd that claps for you and little man loves clapping and attention. Matt and I have also had a free throw contest (he won) and decided you could make a drinking game out of this awesome little sports complex. Why yes, Matt and I do play with Zach's toys.

Zach also loves his stand up music/language toy....weren't all of our toys made of wood? All Zach's toys talk and sing to him and teach him Spanish and Jessica was just lazy with her baby dolls.

He loves all his new toys and it is truly amazing how long they will keep him occupied. Thank you again to our amazing families!

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  1. Awwww!!! William has that too but now he's too big for it. I'll look forward to watching Landon play with of again next year! Poor toy has been neglected. I should have let you borrow ours!