Sunday, December 9, 2012

Another one?! Not a baby, don't get excited

Another post about how I am an idiot....don't worry, not another one about poop, but we do go to Mexico next week so I make no poop story promises for the future. And after posting this I realized the title another one may be misleading, no more babies here for now, we're still looking for the instructions on the one we have.

It started with me thinking I knew what tired was pre child, then assuming I'd still be fun like I was pre Zach, or wanting Zach to crawl so name it....idiot Jessica.

This weeks idiot moment was me resisting the change from two naps down to one. Zach was showing signs and being a rockstar night sleeper, but still I resisted. Finally he just flat out refused the second nap and we had to make the switch since he was a terror at night. Day 1 was one 3 hour nap and he slept over 12 hours at night....holy hell. Do you have any idea what you can get done in 3 hours?! I didn't either. Day 2 we got an almost 3 hour nap. I was stupid. We actually had time to go to the store this morning without running through or breakdowns since he naps only once and later. Christmas came early at our household in the form of naps.

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