Thursday, December 27, 2012


Confession is one lazy day. We are working through our Christmas hang overs. Between the family trip to Mexico and all the Christmas get togethers we have not stopped running, baking, making, you name it, since thanksgiving. So today, my first day back at this whole stay at home by myself with crazy, we are lazy. We stayed in pjs for most of the day & cuddled & watched cartoons & done the bare minimum. I even watched a show that wasn't a PBS cartoon....when Zach was awake....oh the insanity. For now I'm swearing off pinterest and all the fitness quotes (they can kiss my large christmas cookie enhanced behind) projects & recipes. I promise to try again next recipes, home made snacks, educational activities and all. Until then I'm going to sit here with my tea and watch Zach crawl back and forth in his hamster tunnel.

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