Thursday, December 6, 2012

Desperate housewife

Nothing says desperate housewife like being the only woman sitting at the bar, having a beer, downloading Thomas the Train books.

So Matt & I take turns with a weekly night off. Every Wednesday one of us has the night off of home/child duties to do whatever we friends, run errands, etc. We started this for a number of different reasons, mainly because I was slowly becoming a crazy hermit and struggled with mom guilt leaving to do something just for me....and Matt needed time away from my crazy (he'd never say this but it's true, I needed time away from my crazy so I know he did too).

Last night was my night, which I spent at BW3 at the bar downloading kids books and apps on my nook for an upcoming plane ride. I should have probably stuck with Starbucks, because do you know who drinks alone in a bar on a Wednesday? Creepers...and desperate (ahem loser) housewives. In my defense we do not have wi fi & yesterday coffee just wasn't going to cut it. Night off well spent...

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