Monday, December 3, 2012


Yup, it's time for a sappy 'where has time gone' post. Time truly flies with a little did before, but with a little guy growing right before your eyes it seems to speed up the process. I may not always appreciate it, somedays i down right do not appreciate it and day dream of being in an office with adults and eating an entire meal without cutting anything into little pieces, but I've been so lucky to get to be a stay at home mom to see all the changes. I'm not as organized as I thought I'd be, we don't do crafts & learning times like pinterest says I should, and I should definitely vacuum more, but we play a lot of cars and get a lot of giggles. I can't promise I'll cherish each minute, some minutes I'll still day dream about being with adults and want to tear my hair out, but I do not regret a single day spent at home.

What prompted this sappyness when usually this is a place full of sarcasm & poop stories? Zach & I took a walk this weekend...we took the same walk I took almost everyday I was pregnant with him. It was way slower with Zach than it was 9 months pregnant.

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