Friday, June 7, 2013

What I learned at Starbucks

It's no secret that I don't get out much. If I go somewhere it's usually to someone's house or an old person/townie bar. We are generally surrounded by people like us...30, tired, we don't see a diverse population. On the off chance we're out to dinner I'm generally too distracted keeping Zach occupied and picking things up off the floor to notice anyone around us.

Today I had a weird experience where I was at Starbucks, alone, for 45 whole minutes. I had a chance to observe the diverse population outside my PBS cartoon and farmer bubble. I learned that white pants and acid wash jeans are everyone wearing them....and apparently there is no age restriction. I'm no spring chicken but if I have to wonder if your acid wash jeans are new or from a White Snake video you were in, it's time to hang them up. I agree with my moms saying if you wore it the first time, you shouldn't wear it the second time around.

I also learned a lot of actual work and meetings happen in Starbucks. To the young woman today; I respect you're meeting a financial advisor, but Starbucks is small and we can all hear your business. He's trying to tell you nicely to put money into retirement and you cannot afford your start up business at this time. If you don't start listening to him he is going to bang his head on your tiny table repeatedly....I want to bang my head on my tiny table repeatedly.

Lastly I learned I'm paranoid. I went to Starbucks for their wi-fi since ours died. I was sure everyone who walked in was creeping me and looking at my computer screen. Clearly they were too important with their own meetings to care what I was doing, but I was sure they were speed reading my emails and hacking my checking account with their eyes.

As a side note I should not drink so much coffee in one day. I can hold my booze just fine, but apparently I can no longer hold my coffee without acting like I'm on drugs.

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